July 31, 2023

Twitch Bans Live Streamers from Advertising Skin Betting Sites

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Esports betting has become a massive phenomenon among traditional sports betting fans. This betting type allows bettors to predict the outcomes of Esports matches like Valorant, CS:SO, Dota 2, and more.

Twitch Bans Live Streamers from Advertising Skin Betting Sites

Besides staking real money, some websites allow bettors to gamble wagers using their Gaming Skins (parts of video game characters' appearance) and other valuables. This is something that leading game developers like Valve and Riot Games have been combating for a long.

Their efforts seem to become successful after Twitch, a leading live-streaming site, updated its platform policies to criminalize the promotion of Skin Gambling content. 

While answering one of the questions from its followers, the live-streaming company stated: 

"No promotion or sponsorship of Skin Gambling is allowed under our policy".

The Amazon-owned streaming giant has recently been cracking down on what it calls "unlicensed gaming content." Last year, Twitch banned its streamers from playing casino games, including table games and slots on unlicensed gambling sites. In addition, the updated policy stated that Twitch wouldn't allow streamers to provide link referrals for gambling and sports betting sites.

Twitch has occasionally been criticized for not cracking down on illegal content on its platform. Streamers such as Tyler 'Trainwreck' Niknam and Adin Ross have received lots of criticism for playing and advertising a popular cryptocurrency gambling website in the United States to their community.

Responding to the latest restriction, Esports observers pointed out that there're still questions about Twitch's ban on Skin betting websites. The revised platform policy may create inconveniences for organizations like G2 Esports, which recently partnered with CSGORoll, a Skin betting website.

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